The NRE Labs project has shut down, and the interactive labs are no longer available. See this blog post for more information.
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Goodbye, For Now

When NRE Labs launched, the project was driven by two main viewpoints: Our industry is moving in a direction where a broader skill set is more important than ever. Incorporating topics like automation into our repertoire is necessary for our industry to move forward. Making it easier for everyone to level-up their skill sets benefits the entire industry. There are a multitude of unspoken barriers to learning a wide variety of technical subjects, and the unrelenting destruction of these barriers is a worthwhile cause.

Introducing NRE Labs Content Previews

Since its inception, the biggest advantage of the NRE Labs project is that it makes it super easy to get stick time with next-generation infrastructure skills like automation. Cutting away the traditional barriers to learning complex and cutting-edge skills has been the goal of the project from day one. Last year we stated that we wanted to make sure that more attention was given to the contributor experience as well.

NRE Labs v1.3.0 - Kata Containers, Cilium, cRPD!

Just in time for the holidays - I’m pleased to announce the next release of….well….pretty much the whole NRE Labs stack. This is the culmination of the work I’ve been doing for what feels like all year to enable some new capabilities, so this release is a bit infrastructure-heavy, but what it enables in terms of possible future content is exciting. New NRE Labs Curriculum The most important thing to announce is a new version of the NRE Labs curriculum, which includes new content, new endpoint images, and some long-awaited fixes to lessons that didn’t always work quite right.

Hello Again!

Hello! It’s been a while since we last spoke. It goes without saying that we have all had a tough year this year (2020), as the impact of the global pandemic is chronic, and far-reaching. So, before I get any further, I’d like to convey my best wishes for you and your families to stay safe this holiday season. I’d also like to provide a bit of an update for where NRE Labs is at, given that things have been pretty quiet from the project for the majority of the time since April.

'Gitting' it together: NRE Labs v1.2.0 is here!

Today, the NRE Labs curriculum was updated to v1.2.0 which includes, as usual, a slew of minor updates, but also includes two major updates and improvements. “Version Control with Git” - Part 5 We continue in our series on learning version control with Git with Part 5. This is a long-awaited addition to this lesson, as we are now exploring the concept of Git remotes, This is a function of Git that allows us to “push” or “pull” our branches to or from remote Git services, such as the ever-popular GitHub.

NRE Labs v1.1.2 is Out!

We’re continuing the release of new content in today’s minor release of the NRE Labs Curriculum, v1.1.2. Primarily this release includes a new chapter a new chapter for the Git lesson, which covers “Fixing Your Mistakes”. Everyone makes mistakes, and this is especially true when using a complex and robust tool like Git. We’re continuing this lesson’s mission to arm infrastructure professionals with the practical basics of using Git in a real-world environment.

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