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'Gitting' it together: NRE Labs v1.2.0 is here!

Today, the NRE Labs curriculum was updated to v1.2.0 which includes, as usual, a slew of minor updates, but also includes two major updates and improvements.

“Version Control with Git” - Part 5

We continue in our series on learning version control with Git with Part 5. This is a long-awaited addition to this lesson, as we are now exploring the concept of Git remotes, This is a function of Git that allows us to “push” or “pull” our branches to or from remote Git services, such as the ever-popular GitHub. We explore the use of remotes to push an existing branch to a new remote repository, and we also cover the difference between Git and GitHub.

This part of the lesson was made possible by a nifty little project called Gitea, which is an open-source GitHub clone that we can run right in the lesson environment. We can also provide access to Gitea’s web UI using the HTTP presentation feature in NRE Labs, so that you can become accustomed to dealing with a Git remote in much the same way that you’d have to in a real GitHub scenario.

The Labs and Latte series is currently caught up with the previous chapter, so expect to see a new video that covers this chapter soon!

If you’re interested in Git, or if you’ve heard a ton about GitHub and just want to see what all the fuss is about, there has never been a better time to dive in. Start from the beginning, or dive straight into learning about Git remotes in the fifth chapter of this lesson.

Updates for Antidote 0.6.0

This version of the curriculum also includes substantial changes and updates to be compatible with the new version of the Antidote platform, v0.6.0. This new version of Antidote represents a substantial refresh of the platform architecture, as well as the inclusion of new tools for creating and validating lesson content, and more.

There’s too much to talk about for this new version of Antidote, so for now, we’ll save that for another post. However, this new version of the NRE Labs Curriculum (v1.2.0) has been updated to be compatible with and to take advantage of the improvements that have been made at the platform level.