The NRE Labs project has shut down, and the interactive labs are no longer available. See this blog post for more information.
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Contributing Lessons

NRE Labs is being built by and for current and aspiring network reliability engineers. We hope that as you gain experience with network automation and reliability engineering, you think about ways to share your knowledge with your peers. Blogs are a common first step, and community members are encouraged to contribute to the NRE Labs blog. And what if your readers could experience your environment firsthand? You can share what you’ve done as lessons as well. We’ll help you get started.

Companies, consultancies and other open source communities who provide network platforms, automation tools, and related expertise are also welcome to contribute lessons that align with the Mission and Scope of the project. Lessons contributed on behalf of an organization will be tagged and showcased in Collections, allowing users to easily find lessons featuring tools and services they currently work with or want to learn.

Start by reading the Curriculum First Steps, and follow the steps outlined there and in the rest of the “Creating and Contributing” section.

If you get stuck or need help along the way, post to our community forums